Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Each student must register in the College Office the address of his legal guardian with whom he/ she resides. Any change in the address or Telephone Number must be intimated to the office in writing within 7 days.

By-cycles and two-wheelers must be locked and kept in the sheds provided. In no case these should be kept anywhere on the College verandahs or in any other place inside the College campus.

Students wishing to take Transfer Certificates, Marks Lists and Conduct Certificates are required to apply to the Principal in the prescribed form. For duplicate Conduct Certificate requsite fees will be charged. Identity Card must be produced at the time of receipt of any Certificate or Marks Lists or scholarship money.

As soon as the practical/ remedial groups or section are formed and notified, it is the duty of a student to find out the particular group to which he/ she has been assigned. If he/ she is not included in any of the groups he/ she must bring the fact in writing to the notice of the Officer in-charge.

Once a student is allowed a group of subjects, he/ she will not ordinarily be allowed to change it. Under exceptional circumstances only the Principal may allow the change within one month or within the period prescribed by the Council from the last date of admission subject to a notice given by the Principal for the purpose. He/ She shall have the percentage of attendance at lectures counted from the date of this change. It may be noted that minimum of 75% attendance in classes in an academic session is compulsory for a student to be eligible for promotion in to next class or filling up of from for the Annual H.S. Examinations.

Fees are received in the College office within first week of every month. Students shall tender the exact amount of their dues and should stand in a queue while waiting near office counter for depositing their fees. The students should ensure to entry fee details deposited by them in their fee card provided to them and obtain receipt.

Students of the College are forbidden to belong to any club or society which is not approved by the Government Bodies. They should not involve in any political activities.

Students shall abide by such hygienic principles and submit themselves to such anti-epidemic procedure as would be laid down by the Principal.


Spitting and writing on the walls, floors, pillars, doors, Black Boards etc., and smoking and creating nuisance within the college and hostel premises are strictly prohibited.

Students are forbidden against loitering on the corridors and verandahs when they have no classes to attend. They should use the reading room as per rules or common room while they have leisure.

are warned not to handle bicycle or such other vehicles which are not their own.

Misbehaviour of the student in the college campus is seriously dealt with.

Tampering with the electricity, gas and water supply fittings is strictly prohibited.

Sticking placards, posters and such other papers and disfiguring college walls, doors and windows with chalks, colours and coal tar etc. are strictly prohibited.

Taking part in party politics or union activities is not allowed. Students attending political meetings should not conduct themselves in a manner as to bring themselves into undesirable prominence.

Students must stand silently in queue near the counter for depositing fees and for any other purpose and should not enter into the office room.