The College provides hostel accommodation to a limited number of male students in its Boys Hostel.

All boarders should maintain perfect discipline inside the hostel and they must behave properly both inside and outside hostel.

No boarder should change the seat or room allotted to him without the permission of the concerned superintendent.

No boarder should disturb in any way his other roommates during the study hours.

Study hours to be observed, will be notified in the hostel from time to time and study hour bells will be given. All boarders must be present in their respective seats and must be engaged in studies during these hours.

If a boarder is found absent during study hours severe disciplinary action will be taken against him and if such absence recurs he will be liable for expulsion from the hostel.

If anybody is required to go out during study hours due to an unforeseen emergency, he has to make necessary entries in the gate-book kept for the purpose giving reason for his absence.

No one should tamper in any manner with electric installations provided in the room or anywhere in the hostel.

Whenever any boarder receives a guest, he should immediately inform the superintendent and also make necessary entries in the guest-register provided for the purpose.